My first UED class was located in the Al-Bukhari Library.About hundred and above student involved in the class with Miss Farah in the floor 1 of that library.What we learn in the class was about Library and Campus Resources.So here,I show what I have noted important things that what Miss Farah have said:


This is a picture of the notes that I have wrote



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Alhamdulillah because I manage to continue to my assignment.So,from this topic,we can relate it with the important of time management in our life especially the students.First of all,as a student we should have good attitude such as:

  • all our confidence starts when we believe in ourself,so we have to believe in ourself
  • we should have our self awarness
  • always make right choice(you can can do istikharah if you cant have the right decision
  • we should have our own strategy in any situation
  • we should have our goal in any achievements
  • lastly,we should have work hard in any situation


These are some advice to the students to have a good attitude

  • students must have weekly,daily or each semester schedule
  • students must have to balance their problem whether it is personal problems or academic problems
  • this is very important which¬†avoid procastination


Next,what i learn is the advantages of being organized:

  • we will keep on the scheduled that we made and become more disciplined
  • we can reduce stress because we can manage our time properly
  • we can build up our confidence beacause we had prepare any risks or any situation


And,here i will provide some tools of we can use to manage time properly:

Image result for google calendar in phone
this can use for the android user
Image result for iphone calendar in phone
this calendar for apple user

So,with the advanced of the facilities provided in our smartphone,we can use it as our daily planner to avoid procastination in our life.

Besides,we can manage our works if we have so much work that must going to be done with we can make our own prioritized task list.Which is,we can list it like this:

Image result for prioritized task list




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Asslamulaikum and i hope to the person who read this will be fine as always.What can I say about this talk is,is it very interesting because of it’s ¬†about how our brain works.First of all,we have to know and already know that our brain is greatier than any kind of creation in this world.We can think better than any creation in this world.And in this talk I learn about the differences between lady’s and man’s brain.20170705_084606For men:

  • they love sport
  • they always makes excuses from any personal question
  • they always give stupid answers
  • they love to take risks
  • they are very advanced with households work

For ladies:

  • they love to shopping
  • they love to chatting
  • they always not sure in any decision that they made


Next,I have gained knowledge about the function of right brain and the left brain.The lecturer ask us to make this at our hands like this

Image result for genggaman tangan

So,if our right thumb above the left thumb,its means that we are using left brain higher than right brain:

Image result for the use of left brain

So,if our left thumb above the right thumb,its means that we are using right brain higher than left brain:

Image result for the use of right brain

So,which brain you are…try it..hold your both hands tightly ūüôā


Next,I just realise because before this forget about it that we are actually better than calculator and better than computer because of we already made them.When they are broken,the humans will fix them.So that means we actually better than our computer and our calculator.Athough the computer have everything such as CPU,speaker,mouse,skrin,camera and so on,but we actually have that in our body.Complete creation made by our God.

So,i will proceed to the point of strategies for improving concentrations.

Students nowadays actually lacking of concentration when any lectures or any teacher is teaching in front of them.These are the factor of why students always have poor concentration while studying:

  • lack of attention
  • lack of interest of that subject
  • lack of motivation
  • distraction from others
  • uncomfortable environment
  • physiological matters-illness,tiredness
  • physiological matters-personal problems,worries,anxieties


Related image

So,thats all that i learn that day about this topic.



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Assalamualaikum and i hope I can able to finish my work as fast as i can because i am very tired waiting to submit this assignment.For this topic,actually,we can predict what the matter that i will write about.Everyone in their life should have their own goals on whatever work that they want to achieve such as ,as a student,what i want is to get DEKAN in every semester and get the tittle of Naib Canselor at the end of this semester.So,within that,we should have our own strategies to achieve that thing.

So,here i will explain nad list about FIVE-STEP APPROACH TO SETTING GOALS:

  • S1:Tentative Goal Statement

ex=I want at least a B in Biology

  • S2:List of obstacles

ex:I have trouble following the lecture and I struggle to take notes

  • S3:List of resources

ex:I’ll read the chapter before the lecture.I’ll rewrite my notes after word

  • S4:Revised goal statement

ex:I’ll try to earn a B in Biology

  • S5:Polished Goal Statement

ex:I will achieve a B in Biology this semester.


Then,I will share about what is about academic and personal goals.As a smart student,we should have to balance in academic and personal goals.Both of it is very important and for the academic,we must score in what subject that we take. And in personal goals,we should have to find a good friends to us so that they can help us in whatever situations.We should no forget to love our body by take a break with doing exercises such as jogging in at least 3 times a week.

         For the long and short term goals,the objective of having this goals is to let us prepare for our future so that we can manage our goals approximately.The example of short term goals is

  • I want to finish this assignment within a week eventhough the assignment should be submitted next month
  • I want to finish this study in an hour so that I can do my household things

Then,for the long term goals,

  • I want to be a professional surgeon n another 5 years
  • I want to be professional motivator in anoyter two years
  • or I want to be in Mekah next year
This is my group task and

From that picture,i wil explain why our goals should be like that picture.

  1. Goals should be self-chosen

Image result for why should self chosen goals

2.Goals should be moderatly challenging\

Image result for Goals should be moderately challenging

3.Goals should be more realistic


4.Goals should be specific

Image result for Goals should be specific


5.Goals should be finite

Image result for Goals should be in atime

6.Goals should be positive

Related image


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Assalamulaikum and i hope you all enjoy what I want to share what I learn today about this talk.Actually this topic is very useful and students should know about this topic because its all about academic and our perfect ways for doing our assignment.So.i will explain what is PLAGIARISM.

PLAGIARISM means that we copy other works and paste it in our words.

So,in UiTM,here we have a website which is InQKA.Here,students who doing plagiarism will get caught.If the student get caught in Part 1,they will kick out from the university.If the students get caught in Part 2/3/4/5,their semester will be hanging.And for the lecturer,they have a wbsite called Turnitin.I f the students assignment has a weird sentence,they can know whre the website come from.And if the student get caught and the percentage of the same sentence with the website that the studenyt take is 25% and above,its means the student failed.

And,fort the next,I learn about preventing plagiarism.


Paraphrasing means use different words from the sentence that we take but it have the same meaning.

Referencing means when we use the sentence that we copy,we could provie a book or article with citations of authorities.

So,these two compenants of preventing plagiarism have 3 step of it which is:

1.REWORD = place the words which is synonyms.

2.REARRANGE = change the sentence from active to passive and vice versa

3.RECHECK = make sure the meaning is same

For example:

New Skitch.jpg

So,I will use the 3 steps.For the words that I underlined, I will change it.So, it will become like this

Students should be give a breathing space to use their mobile phone in the classroom.It can be used as a application tools for the students to look for advance notes and explaination.

So,its not be mentioned as plagiarism.


Next,this is our task that we have to regarding to the GPA and CGPA that we have to calculate:






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By        :Miss San(Biology lecturer)

Venue:At Tabari

Hello.So, for this talk,its actually a boring topic.Some of the student were sleeping soundly actually.I dont blame the lecturer for making the student feels sleepy but because of this topic is actually always be mentioned when all of us want to enter any talk,new school,new university and so on.

And actually taking lecturer’s notes is common activity that students use to do since primary school,right?.Important notes that maybe will come out during the examination,during shocked quiz or whatever.And the tips for taking lecturer’s notes is you should have a pen and a book to write.Tht is the very important matter.

And I will shoe you some ways to take notes:

Image result for different way of taking notes
This is i called it as cloud notes
Image result for different way of taking notes
This I called root notes
Image result for different way of taking notes
This is cornell-two column notes
Image result for different way of taking notes
This is for those who have good talent in drawing can do this notes which is diagram notes






This talk actually was about what you have to get ready when you reach your life in university.Because there were so many differences between our life at school and in university.Actually life in university quite fun but you have to follow the rules of the university.WHY I say fun because,my opinion,we can wear what we want not like the school,then we have free life but hectic days if we have a lot of assignment.

New Skitch
This is me when i was last year in STF.
This is me when i was in form 4

At school,our schedule is just the same not like in university.Same uniform every day,same schedule everyday and so on.So many difference.And as a student of university,we should have our strategy to achieve what we need in university.So,I will show some pictures of what I have learn during the talk.



Spend less time in class in here actually means that an active students will less have time in the class because of the have to settle their non-academic activities such as their sports or their appearence in their university such as becoming a MPP(Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar) and so on.But,as student,they should be smart in balancing their time with their outdoors activities and their studies so that they can score in their test well.

Image result for learning style inventory

Next,I will explain this picture.In my opinion,very student should know their learning style inventory.Beyond that,they will know better how they will study better and know how to manage their study.Like me,i’m a visual student and I must have beautiful notes with pictures if I want to study.So that,I will easy to get the knowledge from it.

Image result for different learning styles
lovely quotes

As you can see in the picture,we have to know that every people have their special abilities and their special characteistic that can help them do whatever work such as study.Some people have their different style of learning.If their learning style weird,they should not have be blame but we have to help them.For your information,most of the genius people have different learning style such as Bill Gates and Albert Einstein.




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First of all,Alhamdulillah because I manage to write this assignment for my UED assignment.So,i will proceed with this topic which is Library and Campus Resourses and I will share what I had learn through it.

First thing first was TYPE OF CAMPUS RESOURSES.Screenshot_2017-07-18-06-31-30[1]                    So,this I got when I heard the talk.Like you can see,we have 3 sources here which we can get our information about anything uch as academic,our priority and so on.

This is the tour for our UiTM

And I will focus on how our UiTM library use their ways to arrange all the books.APA style we use is actually is APA (American Psychological Association).Thie commoly in social sciences, business, and some of the life sciences.

This is the example of the APA style that we use to arrange the books in the library:

Example Citations: Books

General FormatAuthorLastname, F. I. (Date). Book title. Location: Publisher.


DeCarbo, M. A. (1969). Mentorship among older and younger college students. Berkeley, CA: University of California.

Book with two authors

Druin, A., & Solomon, C. (1996). Designing multimedia environments for children. New York, NY: J. Wiley & Sons.

Article or chapter in an edited book

Franciscu, J. B., & Chiarini, L. B. (1992). Clarity at last: Including personal spiritual beliefs in patient motivation evaluation. In R. M. Bright III (Ed.), Aspects of Psychology: Vol. 7. Psychology and Religion(2nd ed., pp. 24-68). Hagerstown, PA: Amicus.



Image result for APA styles
another example